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  • Reuse – Did you know that your old mascara wands can help wildlife?
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2 comments on “Resources”

  1. I really like your resources page, it is really easy to navigate. I would like to buy my girlfriend a skin care package for Christmas so what products would you recommend I search for? I notice that you offer a few bonuses on your other pages but unsure what brands are the best.

    • Hi Keldyn,

      Thanks for visiting!

      For a gift, you’ll need to know her skin type (dry, oily, etc) and concerns (sun protection, anti-aging, etc) in order to get the best gift for her. Personally I love the Shiseido brand for skincare and foundations. You can see all the Shiseido posts by clicking on the “Shiseido” Tag ( Or, just view the current offers by brand by clicking the “Current Bonuses – By Brand” page (

      If you’d like to make sure that she can easily exchange items, I’d recommend going with one of the stores that offers both free shipping and free returns (100% Pure, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman are a few).

      Also, many of these offers expire or will sell out soon, and in general there are just not as many of free gift offers around the holidays, but… you probably will see more offers up until the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’d recommend picking up this type of gift early in order to get the best deal.

      Regards, Alyce

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