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Infographic: Funky or Fresh? Guide to Cosmetics and Skincare Products
Infographic: Funky or Fresh?



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6 comments on “Infographic: Funky or Fresh?”

  1. Thanks for the helpful information. I did not know the average lifespan of all the beauty products. I had a mascara that didn’t last very long and it was all clumpy and dried out. It’s a shame when you buy a mascara and it clumps so easily, it was probably contaminated. I will have to pin it this, thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer, it was also surprising to me to learn that mascaras have such a short shelf-life! It’s great information to know though, as I definitely want to avoid any issues with my eyes!

      Regards, Alyce

  2. I love this infographic! The lifespan in months is very helpful. I didn’t know the perfume can last up to 36 months. I still have a Chanel Madmoasele from 2010! But I am not willing to through it. The problem is way too many perfumes! I guess I have to stick to few and buy new when I finish them but I just can’t:( In regards to mascara totally agree you need to change it every three months. I know friends who got terrible eye infections from old mascaras!

    • Thanks Lena! Storage makes a huge difference in the lifespan of products, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you got more longevity out of perfume if it had been stored properly. It has probably lost some of it’s potency, but hopefully it won’t cause any problems. You are right to definitely toss any old mascara though — it is not worth risking an eye infection!

      Regards, Alyce

  3. Love this infographic! Im pinning this straight to my Pinterest board so I can keep referring back to it.

    I must admit I’m guilty keeping makeup products longer than I ought to but it’s nice to have some guidelines so I have no excuse now 😉

    Thanks for the tips

    • Awesome! Very happy to hear you find it helpful. A lot of people are surprised to learn about the PAO symbol, but it’s an easy way to check the fresness of your products… as long as you can remember when you opened the product (I often write the open date on the back of the package).

      Regards, Alyce

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