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Infographic: Funky or Fresh? Guide to Cosmetics and Skincare Products
Infographic: Funky or Fresh?


Funky or Fresh? 

Guide to Cosmetics & Skincare Products

Did You Know…

  • Spoiled cosmetic & skincare products can cause serious problems including bacterial infections
  • Products made with water, oils, & hydrating agents have a shorter shelf-life and higher risk of bacterial contamination
  • Only about 1 in 5 women throw away mascara by the recommended date

How to Check for Freshness

  • Inspect for Changes in Color, Smell, or Texture and discard any products that show these signs of spoilage
  • Check for an Expiration Date as active ingredients lose efficacy after the expiration date
  • Check the “Period After Opening” symbol (the PAO symbol indicates the product’s lifespan after opening)
  • Check against general guidelines by Product Type:
    • 3 months: Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara
    • 6 months: Cream blush, cream eye shadow, liquid concealer, liquid foundation
    • 12 months: lipstick, lip gloss, sunscreen, eye cream
    • 18 months: facial moisturizers, sopas, nail polish, eye and lip pencils, shower gel
    • 24 months: powder eye shadow, powder foundation, powder blush
    • 36 months: perfume, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, & aerosols

TIPS To Maximize Prodct Life

  • Close products tightly between uses
  • Use clean brushes and tools for each application
  • Store away from sunlight, humidity, extreme heat, & freezing cold
  • Do not “pump” mascara or liquid eyeliner
  • Do not share cosmetics

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