Are you interested in finding a quick place to have your ears pierced for free (with purchase of earrings)? Click to jump ahead to learn about free ear piercing options from claire’s, ICING, Macy’s, and the Piercing Pagoda:


claire's Ear Piercing -
claire’s Ear Piercing
  • Free Piercing with Purchase of a Starter Set (prices start at $18.99)
    • claire’s ear piercing earrings are individually packaged and pre-sterilised at a state of the art facility
    • claire’s only uses piercing earrings with sharp posts
  • claire’s exclusive Rapid Aftercare Lotion is also available, which enables you to change your lobe earrings in just 3 weeks
  • Cartilage Piercing available at select locations for an additional charge (call location to confirm)
  • Lookup claire’s store locations and get your ears pierced – no appointment needed


ICING Free Ear Piercing -
ICING Free Ear Piercing
  • Free Piercing with Purchase of a Starter Set (prices range from $19.99 – $76.99)
  • Ear piercing is only available with the purchase of an ICING Starter Kit which includes:
    • piercing earrings
    • ICING EAR Care Antiseptic
    • 20% off coupon for your next visit
  • Cartilage Piercing available at select locations for an additional charge
  • Ear Piercing Specialist will wear single-use, disposable gloves and clean the ear-piercing instrument before and after each use.
  • To ensure a safe and hygenic experience ICING only uses pre-sterilized, pre-packaged earrings (they do not use needles). An ICING specialist will first clean the surface of your ears with a disinfectant antiseptic swab. They will then pierce your ear with a Professional Piercing System.
  • Lookup ICING store locations and call to confirm availability


Macys Ear Piercing -
Macy’s Ear Piercing –
  • Free ear piercing with purchase of piercing earrings
    • you will also receive a free 4ox bottle of Ear Care Antiseptic with your purchase
  • Macy’s uses the Inverness Ear Piercing System to safely and gently pierce ears
  • Available in select stores in the Fine Jewelry department
  • Lookup Macy’s Store Locations and call to confirm availability

Piercing Pagoda

Piercing Pagoda Ear Piercing -
Piercing Pagoda Ear Piercing –
  • Free ear piercing is provided with an in-store purchase of piercing earrings
    • Half piercings are available for an additional $3.50 restocking fee
    • Cartilage piercing is available in select stores for an additional $2.00 charge
  • Lookup Piercing Pagoda store locations and call to confirm availability


NOTE that the above is provided for information purposes only, and does not serve as an endorsement of services.

Although these stores have provided millions of ear piercings, all of the providers listed above use a piercing gun (which is not medically sterilized in between uses) instead of a needle. The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) only recommends piercing with sterile equipment or with jewelry that is considered medically safe for long-term internal wear. Learn more about safe piercing practices and how to find an APP-approved piercer at


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