Hello beauty lovers! Here’s an easy way to score free beauty products from Jane Iredale Beauty Rewards. Follow 6 simple steps and you will have earned $15 to spend at JaneIredale.com!

  1. Earn 25 points when you create an account
  2. Earn 100 more points for completing your account profile (add eye color, skin concerns, etc)

At this point, you’ve already earned a $5 reward! But don’t stop there, with a few more interactions, you can enjoy a free $15 reward! When combined with Jane Iredale’s free shipping policy (on all orders – no minimum), you can have a free item or two at no cost to you!

Read more below to learn how to get these rewards and what your $15 reward can buy!

Jane Iredale Beauty Rewards - MakeupBonuses.com
Jane Iredale Beauty Rewards

Complete these actions to get the 125 more points you’ll need for a $15 reward:

  1. Earn 15 points each for Social media follows (75 points total for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest)
  2. Earn 15 points by subscribing to blog
  3. Earn 25 points by completing foundation finder quiz
  4. Earn 15 points for playing in the Makeover Room

At this point you will have 255 points – enough to redeem for a $15 reward (or save for an even bigger reward)! Rewards are redeemable at checkout, and if there is no balance due for your purchase (when your total is under $15), then you will not need to provide credit card or payment information to redeem your gift!

Here are 14 Jane Iredale items that are $15 and under that you can receive with your rewards:

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